Looker ENT Specula allows for precise examination of the nasal cavity, mouth and ear. Specula pass quality tests to meet the expectations of physicians and improve patient comfort during examination. This kit is a perfectly matched set of tools for a comprehensive examination of the patient. The kit involves: nasal speculum, ear speculum and spatula

Looker Speculum Kit is ideal for occupational medicine examinations as well as teaching purposes. It was adapted to the needs of children and adults, that is why the sets have two sizes of ear specula: 4 mm in Looker Max (for adults) and 2 mm in Looker Medium (for children) • specula are packaged in paper-foil individual packages • nasal speculum and spatula are white • black ear speculum minimizes light reflection thus improving precision of the examination • long expiry date – up to 3 years! • Use of disposable Looker Kits allows to minimize costs of sterilization

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